Twiggy: A Pythonic Logger

Who, What, When, Where

Twiggy is a more Pythonic logger.

>>> from twiggy import quick_setup, log
>>> quick_setup()
>>>'frank').fields(number=42).info("hello {who}, it's a {0} day", 'sunny', who='world')
INFO:frank:number=42:hello world, it's a sunny day
author:Peter Fein
Python:2.6, 2.7

Twiggy was born at Pycon 2010 after I whined about the standard library’s logging and Jesse Noller “invited” me to do something about it.

Install straight with distutils from the Cheeseshop or:

pip install Twiggy

easy_install -U Twiggy

Get the latest version:

git clone

Why Twiggy Should Be Your New Logger

You should use Twiggy because it is awesome. For more information, see this blog post.


Twiggy works great, but is not rock solid (yet); do not use for nuclear power plants, spaceships or mortgage derivatives trading (not that it’d matter).